Your Strength Training and Cardio Action Plan

Once you know exactly what strength training and cardio exercises are, it is time to take action.

Get plenty of protein to feed your muscles, and just the right mix of carbohydrates and healthy fats. And remember that when you are working out, whether strength training or performing cardiovascular exercises, your body needs more calories than a sedentary person.

But don’t forget that if you are pressed for time, like so many of us are, strength training provides the fat burning efficiency of muscle development and the heart healthy benefits of a cardiovascular workout, with the smallest time investment.

If the thought of lifting heavy weights makes you cringe, check out some of the wonderful resources, exercise programs and books available online which explain body weight training. You already possess enough body weight to consistently and efficiently build muscle and burn fat at the fastest natural rate.

And no matter what your reasons, doesn’t it make sense to choose a strong body over a weak one?

Unloading the groceries? When you are strong and healthy, that is not a problem.

Lifting your children? Strength training guarantees you can do it simply and safely.

Heading to the beach for the day? A strong, toned body sculpted by strength training means never again being ashamed to wear a bathing suit.

The benefits of strength training are virtually endless. And there are very little to no negatives. Now that you are armed with this wonderful, life-changing information, the next step is up to you!