Your Future is in Your Own Hands

Fitness is a lifetime goal and you need to stay active for the rest of your life. Fitness is not a one time achievement, you must actively pursue it.

An active lifestyle is worth more than gold for the benefits it provides. It all starts with eating healthy food as the foundation. From there you will be able to recover from most illness quickly or hardly get sick.

Disease and illness are almost always preventable by knowing what you are putting in your mouth. The rest is just knowing your genetics and keeping a family history. What did your mom and dad die from? What killed your aunts and uncles? They are your parents’ siblings. Then, what did your grandparents die from? Also note their occupations if known.

That is a good start. Most of these were caused by diet, or lack of it, or from some physical reason or accident in the past. Many times the near-poverty and hard times during the Depression took their toll later in their lives. Next would be exposure to things like asbestos or other chemicals on the job.

For example: if your dad smoked like a chimney, which was the norm and encouraged, and worked in construction pre 1950, he was probably exposed to asbestos and would most likely would have developed lung cancer later in life, which probably killed him.

Knowing things like this can help you live a longer life. Asbestos exposure is limited nowadays and cancer treatments have improved, with more patients surviving. Smoking is a definite “no thank you”, and discouraged strongly.

Being fit will help prevent most physical disability and carry you through any accidents or injuries, helping you heal quickly. Good nutrition will bring you the rest of the way.

Any thing you can do to become more fit will help. Look around and see what you can fit into your schedule. Maybe walk more or join a gym. Build strong core muscles first and keep a personal fitness baseline, constantly pushing forward to the next level. Think of it as insurance for the future.

Accidents are accidents and cannot be foreseen, so live your life without thought to them, other then to be careful and use common sense as you go about your day.

Your future is in your hands, choose now to be healthy and fit and be accountable to yourself, for the rest of your life.

What Exercise is Best

How to Fight Sitting Disease, at the Office and at Home–Stand Up

How many hours a day are you sitting down? Think about it. You’re sitting at your kitchen table, or on the couch, drinking your morning coffee.

If you are trying to lose weight or just stay healthy in general then you understand the importance of exercise. The problem is you just don’t know what exercise to do. You don’t enjoy running and you don’t want to join a gym, so what choices do you have?

There are two wonderful exercises that you can do to help improve your health. The first one is walking – all it costs is an investment in a good pair of walking shoes.

Walking can be done at any time of the day. Plus it can be incorporated into your daily routine. This way you don’t actually have to physically set aside one hour a day to walk.

Instead you can invest in a pedometer, such as a Fitbit, and track the number of steps you do each day. Your end goal should be to walk 10,000 steps per day. Don’t aim for this amount if you haven’t done a lot of walking lately.

Instead spend one day without really thinking about walking. Just before going to bed make a note of how many, or few, steps you have walked. Then the next day aim to do a couple of hundred more. Eventually walking 2,000 then 5,000 and ending up with 10,000. When you hit this goal you will have probably lost a few pounds, will be sleeping better and feel much healthier too!

The other exercise which is perfect, especially if you have sore and achy joints is swimming. Yes, this may cost a bit more than walking, but it is a wonderful overall exercise that is good for your entire body.

Many pools offer discounts if you are over 55 and it is often cheaper to buy a pack of 10 tickets. Ask your local pool if they offer any type of discount or incentive.

If you are feeling active you might want to try joining an Aqua Fit class. They are lots of fun, usually done to music and it’s a wonderful way of staying social. Classes are normally done in segments for beginners, advanced and seniors.

If you are just starting to get back into exercise then your best bet is to just become more aware of what you are doing each day. Don’t sit around as much, take breaks and get up and walk during commercials in the evenings, for example.

Even stretching helps. If you have a pet see how often they stretch before they start moving. Heed their actions and do the same. Stretching will help get your mobility back and help to strengthen your muscles and joints.

Now you have at least a couple of things you can choose from when it comes to getting started with exercise. Just remember to keep moving!