Why Emotional Dieting Leads To Never-Ending Dieting

You wouldn’t think the act of losing weight and dieting would bring heavy emotions and questions to the table. After all, it is just “eat less, move more” right? The tricky thing is, you need to set aside all emotion in order to achieve your goals, but you have to change your emotional response in order to set aside your emotion.

Overwhelmed? Don’t be. If you embrace this idea, it will help you not only achieve fat loss goals, but the same principle can apply to multiple areas of your life….

How “You” Set Goals

I am going to cut to the chase. You are reading this hoping I will share how to go from point A (unhappy fatty) to point B (ecstatic lean) as fast as possible. You want to be lean. You deserve to be lean. You are tired of dieting, thinking about dieting, and your life being ruled by dieting. You are tired of trying to figure out if you should or shouldn’t eat carbs. You are tired of figuring out if you should do intense or moderate… read article here…

Robin talks about part of her personal story and what she believes is the foundational problem for why people eat emotionally, diet emotionally, and obsessed with their weight.