Why Cardio Exercise Is So Important

Dieting is just a part of the weight loss equation. The other part is exercise and, specifically, cardio exercise. Strength training exercises should be incorporated into your regime every other day too but, when it comes to everyday exercise, cardio exercise is a must.

Why Are Cardio Exercises So Important?

To understand that you have to understand what cardio exercises are. In simple terms, a cardio exercise is one that raises your heart rate and your metabolism. These are the kind of exercises that get your heart pumping and leave you feeling out of breath.

When you perform cardio exercises, your body burns calories and utilizes fat, which helps those inches slip away. It also strengthens your heart (thus preventing many types of cardiovascular diseases and strokes) and improves your overall fitness, and that’s very good for your health. Let’s not forget that cardio exercise also helps you sleep better at night, and feel more energetic during the day!

How Much Do You Need To Do?

Because of the benefits above, doctors recommend that even a person of regular weight partake in at least 30 minutes of physical activity five times a week. So, for those who are trying to lose weight, the more the better. In fact, you should aim for an hour of cardio exercise every day if you’re on a weight loss plan.The Importance of Physical "Variability" in Cardio Exercise

The simplest form of cardio exercise would probably be walking. Other than that, running, dancing, aerobics, jump rope and cycling are great examples. Just pick something that interests you and that you can keep up with.

If you’re just beginning to incorporate exercise into your daily life after years of being sedentary and lazy, then it’s crucial to start slow. The easiest way to start would be by taking brisk walks for about 30 minutes a day. Slowly increase the duration and, when fit enough, increase the intensity of your walking as well. If walking isn’t your thing, you could join an aerobics or dance class to keep things interesting.

All in all, cardio exercise can be hugely beneficial, considering the small amount of time you need to put into it. While it’s easy to brush off exercise due to busyness or laziness, your health and fitness should always be your number one priority. What’s 30 minutes to an hour a day when you have 24 hours? Make cardio exercise a priority, and you’ll also be making your health a priority.