What Are Compound Muscle Exercises

If you want to build muscle and increase strength in the shortest amount of time, compound muscle exercises are the ones best to spend your time doing. With compound muscle exercises, you are using multiple joints throughout the range of the exercise. Consequently you are also using multiple muscle groups associated with each joint exercised.

Types of Compound Muscle Exercises

Some of the best compound muscle exercises are:

1) Deadlifts

If you could only do one compound muscle exercise, it would be this one. Why? Because it is one that uses the most muscle groups including, quads, glutes, hamstrings and back in the lower body, and the forearms, traps, rear deltoids and abdominal core in the upper body.

2) Squats

Compound Muscle Exercises

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This exercise is great for building leg muscle. Primarily it works the quads, but also employs the hamstrings, glutes, lower back and abs. The hands are only used to balance the barbell as well as the shoulders supporting it, but they really don’t get worked all that much.

3) Barbell Press

While squats work the lower body, presses work the upper body, in particular the chest, triceps and shoulders. The exercise can be done on a flat, inclined or declined bench and it is the best exercise for building chest muscle.

4) Shoulder Press

The shoulder press is done from the sitting position on a bench and uses a pair of dumbbells. Muscles worked include anterior deltoids, triceps, lateral deltoid and the traps. The abdominal core is also worked as it is employed to provide stability when pushing the weight up over your head.

5) Rows

The family of row exercises primarily work the muscles of the back – the traps, lumbar and rhomboids. However, depending on the type of machine used, it can also bring into play the rear shoulders, quads, glutes, biceps and abs.

6) Dips

Done primarily for the development of triceps, dips can also work the lower chest and shoulders. Basically you are lifting your whole body weight using your triceps.

You can set up a routine that works for you or use the above compound exercises in the following routine:
Monday – Chest and Triceps
Tuesday – Legs and Abs
Wednesday – Rest Day
Thursday – Back and Biceps
Friday – Shoulders, Traps and Abs
Saturday – Rest Day
Sunday – Rest Day

On two of the rest days, you can either add in some cardio training or weight training that uses other types of muscles. On one of the rest days, actually take it off and do not train. The body needs that day off per week to recover and build.

In this video, Fitness model Troy Adashun shows you how to get muscle fast. The key is to stick with the compound exercise movements discussed in this video.

The five exercises that this video features are the 5 best muscle building exercises you can do because they put a huge emphasis on the largest and strongest muscle groups in the body. If you want to get muscle fast you need to perform the exercises that require you to lift the most weight. This is a great rule of thumb for the most effective muscle building exercises.

Another great tip that this video points out is the emphasis that your lower body strength will have on your upper body strength and overall body composition.

How to get Muscle Fast: Top 5 Muscle Building Compound Exercises

0:34 – Bench Press

The bench press is a great compound muscle building exercise that develops the pectoral muscles as well as the triceps and shoulders. If you really want to build muscle try the 5-5 pace that Troy discusses in the video.

1:33 – Dead lift

The dead lift is such a great muscle building exercise but you hardly see any guys performing the dead lift regularly. The dead lift will work your lower back and your hamstrings. You will be able to go very heavy on the dead lift, and this is a great exercise for increasing your anabolic hormones.

2:48 – Squat

The squat is another exercise that a lot of guys are afraid to perform regularly. If you want to maximize your muscle building hormones you need to lift really heavy with your legs on a consistent basis. The squat is a great lower body exercise that will help you get muscle fast.

3:59 – Pull up

Pull-ups are another great compound exercise for building muscle fast. The pull up will help you develop large and powerful biceps with a thick upper back. The weighted pull up is my favorite muscle building exercise for skinny guys because it puts a huge emphasis on your upper body strength.

5:03 – Dips

Just like the weighted pull up, the weighted dip is another advanced variation to this traditional exercise. The dip will help you sculpt and define your chest from a different angle as well as promote triceps strength. Use a weight belt and throw on a 45 lb weight plate for an advanced variation of the dip.

How To Get Muscle Fast you ask? Stick with these 5 muscle building compound exercises!