Video Fitness Tips

Video Fitness TipsCheck out these video fitness tips. They’re fun animation, short and to the point.

Aid Your Recovery — If you’ve had a muscle injury, it’s important to ease yourself into exercising ASAP. Be sure to speak with a professional about when you can start working out again, and once you’ve had the green light, don’t hesitate. If you experience pain, stop immediately, and ice the area.

Aim Past Your Goal — In golf, aim 17 inches past the hole. This is because the 17 inches surrounding the putt aren’t matted down by footprints like the rest of the green, so you’ll be up against more friction.

Air Your Dirty Laundry — Chuck all your dirty workout clothes into a mesh bag, tie it up, and put the whole thing in the washer. This will save time and you won’t have to pick through smelly clothing.

Avoid Tendinitis — When you do upright rows, use a shoulder width grip. This will help prevent tendinitis and bursitis.

Back To Comfort — Every time you exercise your abs, make sure you do some lower back exercises. Otherwise you may experience pain, or poor posture.

Be A Lightweight — Lifting light weights quickly has the same impact as lifting heavy weights at a slow pace. If you lift quick enough and for long enough, your muscles will strength regardless.

Be An Early Bird — Get up earlier, and start the day off with some light exercise, like walking. Start off by waking up 10 minutes early, then see if you can cut back more the next day until you have a reasonable schedule.

Be An Energizer Bunny — Go a shorter distance, but increase your speed to the max. You’ll lessen your chances of injury.

Become A Better Runner — Wanna run faster? Lift weights. Studies have shown that weightlifting for 8 weeks can improve your running time significantly.

Bike More Efficiently — To hone your cycling skills, try biking with one leg. Rest both legs on the pedals, but only use one to do the work. Try this for 30 seconds before switching to the other leg. Then, ride like usual for 5 minutes before repeating this exercise.

Bike Uphill Better — Scoot to the middle of your saddle and lean forward while biking uphill. Be careful not to lean too far forward, or you’ll lose traction in the back.

Break Out The Cash — Pay your trainer in advance. You’ll be more motivated to actually show up for your sessions!Video Firness Tips

Breathe as You Rise — When you do crunches, exhale as hard as you can upon rising. This will force your abs to work out more.

Build Your Back — Break up cable rows into two sections. With outstretched arms, hold the bar, squeezing your shoulders together. Pull the bar towards your body. Your back will thank you.

Catch the Spiral — To catch footballs, concentrate on the tip of the ball; you’ll block out other visual stimuli, and improve your hand-eye coordination.

Catch Baseballs Better — If the sun is shining and a ball is coming toward you, use your mitt to shield your eyes and catch it.

Count Backwards From 100 — Or 50, or 20, or however many reps you’ve resolved to do. Thinking about how many you have left will encourage you to get them done!

Create Constructive Sleep Habits — If you run and experience calf pain, try sleeping on your stomach, with your feet hanging off your bed. Gravity will pull your legs downward, so you are passively stretching throughout the night.

Crumple and Crush — If you’re looking to build your forearm strength, try crumpling paper. Take a sheet of newspaper, start at a corner, and using your dominant hand, crumple it completely for thirty seconds.