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What Exactly Is Your Metabolism And Why Does Boosting It Help You Lose Weight?

The word “metabolism” is raised in just about every conversation about weight loss. But what exactly is your metabolism? And what does it mean to boost it?

A Definition of Metabolism

Metabolism is actually a broad term. It’s used to define the collective systems in your body that create and use energy. The process begins when you put food or nutrients into your mouth. Your body begins digesting them and converting the food into fuel and energy. At a cellular level, energy is created and used.

Most of the energy you use comes from the creation of ATP. However, glucose and fat are also additional sources of fuel and can be used depending on the energy that is required. For example, if you’re taking a hike you’ll primarily use ATP. If you’re doing strength training then you may tap into your glucose stores for energy.

When most people think about boosting metabolism they’re focusing on burning energy faster. But boosting metabolism also relates to what type of energy you burn. For example, if you want to lose weight then you want your fitness plan to tap into the fat stores for energy….

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