Top 7 Strength Training Myths Debunked

The Internet is a wonderful thing. It has made information available to anyone, anywhere and at any time. But a lot of the information found out there comes from unreliable sources. And sometimes the things you read about strength training and weight lifting have no basis in fact. Refuse to believe these common 7 strength training myths.

1 Strength training and weight lifting are bad for your joints

Cardiovascular exercises like jogging and running can be absolute nightmares for your knees and ankles. But strength training and weight lifting is much less stressful on your joints than most cardio activities.

2 Strength training hurts your flexibility

This is one of those strength training myths that needs a 180 degree about-face. Strength training helps you regain your youthful flexibility and maintain it. And increasing muscle growth and strength will never reduce your flexibility.

3 Strength training doesn’t burn fat

Not only is this myth wrong, the opposite is true. A pound of muscle burns 10 to 20 more calories per day than a pound of fat.

4 Muscle turns into fat after disuse

Strength Training Myths Debunked

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Just plain untrue. Why in the world would anyone ever strength train if their improved muscle mass turned to flabby fat when they stopped working out? Muscle tissue can not become fat tissue, and vice versa.

5 Strength training makes women look bulky

Women do not contain the natural levels of testosterone high enough to deliver the female bodybuilder look without taking supplements. What strength training does give women is a tight, toned figure and the most efficient fat burning exercise with the least amount of time invested.

6 Strength training and weightlifting is only for young people

Strength training benefits men and women of all ages. As long as your doctor gives you his blessing, you can strength train at any age.

7 Low weights and high repetitions create muscle definition and tone

This strength training myth became very popular in the 1990s. But consistently increasing the amount of weight you train with in just 8 to 10 rep sets is proven to deliver the best muscle strength, tone and definition.