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10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

If you’re thinking of starting a new fitness regime, use these 10 tips for beginners to make sure that you reach your goals.

1. Make Your Workout Worth It

If you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to remember that around 80% of the results that you get from your workout actually come from just 20% of your workout.

That means that in an hour’s session, only 12 minutes of the workout will contribute to the bulk of your results. You need to make those minutes really count. Use compound movements that work more than one muscle group at a time to really make the most of your time.

2. Remember To Eat Healthy

Any body shaping goals can only be achieved by eating a healthy diet. If you’re going to the gym so that you can go home and eat a double triple cheeseburger with a 2-person serving of French fries, you won’t do your body any favors.

You should make sure that you eat in moderation, and remember that if you’re burning off more calories, you will need to eat that little bit more so that you have enough energy. Balance your nutrition and avoid faddy diets.

3. Change Your Eating Habits

You need to make sure that you eat properly as well as eating healthily. Eating properly includes eating at the right times of the day. Skipping breakfast is a really bad idea and you shouldn’t eat too late in the evening either. Speak to a personal trainer about what would work for you so that you can achieve your goals.

4. Plan Out Your Routine

To make sure that you know just when you’re going to be working out and when you can look forward to some downtime, you really should come up with a plan. Remember to include rest days and be realistic about how much time you can make free.

Remember to stick to your schedule as much as possible so that you don’t slide into the habit of skipping the gym and make your targets achievable.

5. Make A 100% Commitment

You need to remember that your body transformation needs complete dedication from you. You can’t skip a day or two here and there, because you feel as though you deserve it. Plan when your rest day will be and stick to that. Even if you have a vacation planned, check out the local gym, and make sure to take an hour out of each day to continue to work out. Keep up with the healthy eating too.

6. Don’t Let Preconceptions Put You Off

It’s easy to look at a female bodybuilder and suddenly panic if you’re a woman who is trying to lose weight and develop a petite and slender figure.

The reality is that it is virtually impossible for women to bulk like that; it requires a particular plan and effort. If you stick to a plan that your personal trainer has given you, you won’t go wrong.

7. Keep It Simple

You should remember that you are only starting out with fitness. In order to avoid injury and to avoid putting yourself off continuing with your training, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the basics first.

Start off with some shorter sessions and then expand your workout as you become more confident and as your fitness, levels start to rise.

8. Prepare For Your New Routine

Make sure that you make yourself available to workout and have a rough plan of how you would like your workout to go. You need to come up with some realistic goals too, so if you want to have 6-pack abs, aim to achieve some muscle definition within 6 months or if you would like to lose 2 stone, make sure that the time-frame that you set yourself is achievable. If you don’t know what your targets are, no personal trainer will be able to help you.

9. Remember Cardio

So you want to get 6-pack abs, bulging biceps, and strong legs? You can’t get those things by just lifting weights. You must remember that while you’re working out, you should fit in a good amount of cardio.

If you’re already carrying excess weight, you need to make sure that you burn off the fat by doing frequent cardio and eventually the muscle will start to show through.

10. Use A Visual Inspiration

It is very helpful to have a visual inspiration to keep you motivated to lose weight. Try performing a Google image search to find photos of people who have a body shape and size similar to your own ideals.  Print out the image or images and display these where you will see them all the time, for example near your work desk, on your car dashboard or on the fridge. This will ensure that you have a visual goal that will keep you motivated every single day!

How to Eat Healthy

Learning to eat healthy isn’t that difficult to do. One big issue that people have is in knowing what foods to eat. It is far easier to grab fast food or a pre-packaged dinner than making something from scratch. In this article we will give you some great ideas for what to cook.

When shopping at the grocery store, the healthiest food is usually placed around the edges of the store. When you enter the store you are normally faced with the fruit and veggie department. Then around the sides will be the dairy section, deli, and the meat department. So focus on these areas first.

If you are stuck for time one great idea is to pick up a roast chicken. These are ready to eat and are often found near the deli section. Now the store may offer a package deal with French fries and potato salads, these are a no, no! They are full of calories and added fat.

So just select the chicken and then pick up fresh ingredients to make your own salad. Serving the roast chicken on a nice bread roll is another great idea, just add some mustard to the bun.

If you are on a budget, and who isn’t, then look for specials in the meat department. This works really well if you shop after work. You will find that the store puts lots of meat on a reduced price – so they can sell them before the expiry date. If you go this way, then use up the meat right away or put it in the freezer.

Another way to eat healthy during the week is to cook larger meals on the weekend. This way you can have leftovers for a couple of meals for the week. What we like to do is cook a big Sunday dinner, then Monday we cook something else. Tuesday would be the leftovers from Sunday and Wednesday leftovers from Monday. When you look at it this way you only have to worry about Thursday’s dinner. Friday’s are usually a more relaxed evening and this could be the day where you have a not so healthy meal. Instead of ordering a pizza why not make a homemade one.

For desserts and even a quick breakfast select fruit, yogurt or make smoothies. Don’t forget about that leftover pizza or consider making banana bread and serving for breakfast. Just replace the oil in your banana bread recipe with equal amounts of unsweetened applesauce.

There you have a number of ideas for getting your family to eat healthier foods. You don’t have to spend a fortune, if you look for specials on meats and buy produce that is in season you won’t overspend.

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Hate Exercising… Here Are 5 Ideas to Turn Your Mindset Around

Regular exercise has so many health benefits associated with it, more people should do it. Reduced risk of cancers, longer life span, lower blood pressure and an enhanced mood are just a few of its benefits. But if your mindset on exercising is it should be something you do instead of something you want and look forward to doing, then you most likely will fail and not enjoy the benefits enjoyed by those having a positive mindset.

So here are 5 ideas you can use establish a positive exercise mindset:

Set realistic goals

Many new to exercising set out with lofty goals – run 3 miles the first day. The next day they are sore and eventually give it up as something they can’t do. If that same person would have set a smaller more realistic goal, maybe a 30 to 45 minute walk the first day, and then increase it by 10 minutes per day with an eventual goal of running 3 miles per day, they would get into the habit of exercising and actually look forward to it.

Get a fitness partner

Exercising with a partner or friend increases your accountability to each other, thus making it less likely that either one of you will cancel a workout. You don’t want to let your friend down nor does s/he want to let you down, so both of you exercise together whether you feel like it or not. Please it give you someone to talk to while exercising.

Do something cardio

Weight lifting or strength training can get boring. While it is a necessary part of exercising and should be in your exercise program, concentrate on doing cardio activities.

Whether you choose running, cycling, walking, swimming or tennis, you always have options to add some variety to your workout to keep from getting board. Plus, varying the type of cardio you do also works different muscles or the same muscles differently.

Eat healthy

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The second half of the equation to getting fit and healthy is to eat properly. Keep in mind you can’t out exercise a bad diet. Concentrate on eating whole grain, lean meats and fish, and fresh vegetables and fruits. If you are concerned if you are getting the proper nutrients, schedule a consolation with a dietician.

Do yoga

Exercising is as much a mental state as it is physical. If you want to try something that brings your mental and physical beings closer together, try yoga.

Its mental health benefits include:

Positive thoughts
Mental clarity
Renewed sense of enthusiasm
Improved sleep
Less stress

And because it is low-impact, it is joint-friendly and anyone can do it. Once you add yoga to your routine, you’ll have a different outlook on exercising.