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10 Fitness Tips For Beginners

If you’re thinking of starting a new fitness regime, use these 10 tips for beginners to make sure that you reach your goals.

1. Make Your Workout Worth It

If you want to get the most out of your workout, you need to remember that around 80% of the results that you get from your workout actually come from just 20% of your workout.

That means that in an hour’s session, only 12 minutes of the workout will contribute to the bulk of your results. You need to make those minutes really count. Use compound movements that work more than one muscle group at a time to really make the most of your time.

2. Remember To Eat Healthy

Any body shaping goals can only be achieved by eating a healthy diet. If you’re going to the gym so that you can go home and eat a double triple cheeseburger with a 2-person serving of French fries, you won’t do your body any favors.

You should make sure that you eat in moderation, and remember that if you’re burning off more calories, you will need to eat that little bit more so that you have enough energy. Balance your nutrition and avoid faddy diets.

3. Change Your Eating Habits

You need to make sure that you eat properly as well as eating healthily. Eating properly includes eating at the right times of the day. Skipping breakfast is a really bad idea and you shouldn’t eat too late in the evening either. Speak to a personal trainer about what would work for you so that you can achieve your goals.

4. Plan Out Your Routine

To make sure that you know just when you’re going to be working out and when you can look forward to some downtime, you really should come up with a plan. Remember to include rest days and be realistic about how much time you can make free.

Remember to stick to your schedule as much as possible so that you don’t slide into the habit of skipping the gym and make your targets achievable.

5. Make A 100% Commitment

You need to remember that your body transformation needs complete dedication from you. You can’t skip a day or two here and there, because you feel as though you deserve it. Plan when your rest day will be and stick to that. Even if you have a vacation planned, check out the local gym, and make sure to take an hour out of each day to continue to work out. Keep up with the healthy eating too.

6. Don’t Let Preconceptions Put You Off

It’s easy to look at a female bodybuilder and suddenly panic if you’re a woman who is trying to lose weight and develop a petite and slender figure.

The reality is that it is virtually impossible for women to bulk like that; it requires a particular plan and effort. If you stick to a plan that your personal trainer has given you, you won’t go wrong.

7. Keep It Simple

You should remember that you are only starting out with fitness. In order to avoid injury and to avoid putting yourself off continuing with your training, you should make sure that you familiarize yourself with the basics first.

Start off with some shorter sessions and then expand your workout as you become more confident and as your fitness, levels start to rise.

8. Prepare For Your New Routine

Make sure that you make yourself available to workout and have a rough plan of how you would like your workout to go. You need to come up with some realistic goals too, so if you want to have 6-pack abs, aim to achieve some muscle definition within 6 months or if you would like to lose 2 stone, make sure that the time-frame that you set yourself is achievable. If you don’t know what your targets are, no personal trainer will be able to help you.

9. Remember Cardio

So you want to get 6-pack abs, bulging biceps, and strong legs? You can’t get those things by just lifting weights. You must remember that while you’re working out, you should fit in a good amount of cardio.

If you’re already carrying excess weight, you need to make sure that you burn off the fat by doing frequent cardio and eventually the muscle will start to show through.

10. Use A Visual Inspiration

It is very helpful to have a visual inspiration to keep you motivated to lose weight. Try performing a Google image search to find photos of people who have a body shape and size similar to your own ideals.  Print out the image or images and display these where you will see them all the time, for example near your work desk, on your car dashboard or on the fridge. This will ensure that you have a visual goal that will keep you motivated every single day!

How Exercise Can Help You Look and Feel Younger

It’s been proven many times over that exercising can help you look and feel younger, but exactly what kind of exercises should you be doing? Broken down into two broad categories, it should be a mix of cardio and strength training.


Doing anything that raises your heart rate qualifies as cardio training. So whether you ride bike, walk, jog, play tennis or swim laps, all of it gets your blood flowing faster. This gets more oxygen to your cells and more carbon dioxide out.

In a study done at McMaster University in Ontario Canada, researchers had one group of mice run in a wheel while the other group did nothing for exercise. What they found in the group that exercised is that every aspect of their health and appearance improved, verses the control group that did nothing.

But that was only art of the story; they also found that the control group’s fur started graying and balding. In the group that exercised, their fur did not gray, nor did they experience balding.

In another study – this time on humans – a doctor took skin samples from inactive people over 65 years old. Half of the group was put through a cardio exercise routine for three months. The doctor then took another skin sample from each and did a comparison study.

What he found was the group that exercised had improved skin; both their inner and outer layers had significantly improved. So much so that he concluded their skin was of the same age as a 40-year old.

Strength Training

Front Squats

The Ultimate Hard-Body Exercise

As we age, we lose bone density, muscle mass and tone. By using light weights or resistance bands, but doing many repetitions, you can slow the loss of bone, keep muscle tone and maintain mass. Heck you can even build muscle mass after age 65 with the right program!

Eating Right

The second aspect of looking and feeling younger is eating the right foods. Stay away from fast and processed foods, and diet soda.

Instead, focus on eating lean meats and fish, whole grains, nuts, and fresh fruits and vegetables. Each of these foods adds something special to your diet, so to have a complete nutrient plan you need some from each group.

The other half of eating right is portion control. As we get older, our metabolism starts to slow down, so we don’t need as much food as we once did to maintain our current weight. Read labels to see how much a portion really is as packaging can leading you into eating more than one serving.

Doing cardio, strength training and eating right is as close to the fountain of youth as anything we have. Exercising on a consistent basis not only increases endurance and stamina, but it improves muscle tone and skin. With exercise and healthy eating, you’ll look years younger than you really are, have more energy and in general feel better and have a more youthful outlook on life.

How Bodybuilders Can Benefit From Tabata Training

Sometimes bodybuilding is simply thought of as lifting weight. However as a bodybuilder yourself you can appreciate that there is a lot more to bodybuilding than just lifting weight and eating a crazy amount of food.

Bodybuilding is about eating right. Consuming the correct amount of calories, taking into account different grams of macronutrients all designed for different purposes. For example, Bodybuilders need to be in a caloric surplus in order to build muscle more effectively. This is because the body can turn the excess calories into muscle.

In turn, to lose weight you must be in what is called a calorie deficit. When the body is in a calorie deficit it will lose weight. This is because the body uses excess fat in order to try to maintain calorie maintenance, which is when the body has just the right amount of calories to maintain its current weight.

Going from a “bulk” phase (calorie surplus) into a “cutting” phase can be very challenging. This is due to the body getting use to this amount of calories, as well as, your appetite increasing due to getting used to the bigger number of calories.

This means that in a cutting phase you may start to feel more fatigued easily as well as felling hungry a lot more of the time.

The solution?

Cardio:  Cardio allows you to eat more calories and still be in a calorie deficit. This is because you burn calories during cardio and these burnt calories can be subtracted from the calories you have consumed in a day to give you the actual amount of calories used by your body per day.

What type?

The type of cardio can make all of the difference. Tabata cardio has many added benefits.

Here are 3:

1. Fast

Bodybuilders Can Benefit From Tabata Training

A high intensity Tabata workout can really burn a large amount of calories in a very short time.

Many of us have a busy work and family life and working out each day is hard to fit into the schedule. Tabata is usually done within 4 minutes and rarely exceeds 10. This kind of quick and efficient workout instantly appeals to those that are busy and rightfully so.

Due to the short time that Tabata takes you may not need to drive down to the gym (separately from your workout) and instead, you can fit a session in at home or even in a break at the office.

2. Efficient

Leading on from the “Fast” pro, Tabata is arguably the quickest way to burn calories and essentially loose fat. This is, of course, if you work it out in the terms of “minutes spent working out” to results. The fact that you can burn the same amount of calories in 4 minutes with Tabata than a 30, 45 or even 60 minute walking session is a real pro to Tabata.

3. Added benefits

Due to the way Tabata works it is also said by many professionals to help build muscle as well as strength. Depending on the exercise, Tabata can be an excellent way to build strength in different parts of the body and core strength is an added benefit as it calls on the core to keep stability whilst performing challenging tasks.

What could be better for a Bodybuilder?

Burning calories and potentially building muscle and strength at the same time.

With Tabata you can also pick and choose the exercise you want to perform. This means that you can pick and choose different exercises that you would like to improve on in your muscle-building workouts too. It helps you to develop and perfect the form on exercises that you typically wouldn’t do to build muscle.