Staying Hydrated







1. When working out, drinking lots of water is essential to stay hydrated. This will help the body to replenish the fluid lost through sweat.
2. Sports drinks are also essential for your hydration. According to studies, these drinks are helpful in the replacement of electrolytes.
3. For every pound you will lose from exercise, you should consume 16 more ounces of liquids.
4. When the color of your urine is dark, it is an indication that you are dehydrated. Hence, this means you should increase intake of water.

5. During exercise, maintaining the right temperature inside the room is essential to make sure you will stay hydrated.
6. If you work out with greater intensity, you will perspire more. This means that you should also make sure that you drink more water.

7. Pinch your skin. If it takes several seconds before it takes back its original position, this is a sign of dehydration.

Stay Hydrated

Once your digestive system is swept clean and hydrated, you will be able to absorb nutrients far more efficiently.

8. Once you feel dryness in your mouth, head to the nearest drinking fountain to supply the liquid that is needed by your body.
9. During exercise, if you feel dizzy, stop and drink water. Chances are, the dizziness is caused by lack of water due to excessive sweating.
10. Never make yourself feel thirsty as this can result into dehydration. From the first sign of thirst, drink water.
11. In a study from University of Naples, it has been proven that watermelon is rich in lutein, a compound known for boosting hydration.
12. With 92% water, 8% sugar, and an extensive list of vitamins and minerals, watermelon tops the list of fruits essential for hydration.
13. Aside from being rich in water, watermelons are also good sources of lycopene for protection against the harmful rays of the sun.
14. Cucumber contains 96% water, which makes it an even better alternative than water for you to stay hydrated.
15. Aside from having Vitamins A, C, and K, celery sticks also have 95.4% water and will help replenish the liquid lost from sweating.
16. Although sodium often has a bad reputation, several studies have proven how it is instrumental in retaining fluids to avoid dehydration.
17. With 95.3% water, radishes can be a good choice for the top hydrating foods.
18. Rather than munching on potato chips, you can consider eating tomatoes instead. With 94.5% water, it is a good choice for hydration.
19. Green bell peppers are not only rich sources of antioxidants but they also have 93% water, making them ideal for staying hydrated.
20. Aside from having phytonutrients to decrease the likelihood of cancer, cauliflowers are also essential for hydration.
21. One cup of spinach does not only provide the recommended Vitamin E for the body, but will also help you stay hydrated throughout the day.
22. If you are looking for post-workout snack, berries can be a good choice. They aid in replenishing the liquid lost by the body from sweat.
23. Being rich in vitamins and fibers, broccoli is not only good for hydration, but also for having a better health.
24. Grapefruit does not only help in hydration, but also in regulating the levels of cholesterol and sugar in the body.
25. With 90.4% water, eating carrots with hummus or dressings can be a good thing to help in fighting dehydration.
26. Let go of sugary desserts and enjoy cantaloupes instead. They have 90.2% water and provides the Vitamin A you need.

 During periods of intense physical exertion and exercise, your digestive system remains largely inactive.

During periods of intense physical exertion and exercise, your digestive system remains largely inactive.

27. When you do not consume enough water, toxins accumulate in your liver. Whatever you do, always drink lots of water.
28. Make a salad with kale, spinach, and lettuce. All of these vegetables have rich water content, which makes them essential in hydration.
29. 20% of the daily water requirement of the body comes from food. Do not forget to include rich sources of water in your diet.

30. Drink water before you start your daily exercise routine or before you go out and catch the heat of the sun.
31. Going on a long drive? Do not forget to bring your own water bottle to keep hydrated throughout the journey.
32. Hitting the beach? Do not forget to sip water at least every 20 minutes to help beat the scorching heat of the sun.
33. Ask your kids to bring water in school. This will not only help you to save, but will also teach them them to drink water frequently.
34. If you keep on forgetting drinking water, set your phone’s alarm to provide you with a notification when it’s time to drink.

35. Do not go all out with physical activity. Take time to rest and drink lots of water so you will stay hydrated and will have more energy.
36. Tired of your usual water? Add cucumbers and lemons. Infused waters will encourage you to drink more of it throughout the day.

37. Keep a log of the amount of sweat you lose during exercise. It will help determine how much water you need to take to prevent dehydration.

Stay Hydrated

How Staying Hydrated Aids Digestion.

38. Without enough water, your body releases more of a hormone called cortisol, which triggers allergic reactions. Drink up!

39. Eating yogurt can be a good way to fight dehydration as it helps the body to restore the potassium and sodium that it needs.
40. If you are tired of the usual water, drink coconut water instead. They are also high in electrolytes.
41. Eating yogurt can be a good way to fight dehydration as it helps the body to restore the potassium and sodium that it needs.
42. Eat gelatin. They are not only rich in water, but they are also easy to digest.
43. Drinking lots of water is not only essential to fight dehydration but it also helps to keep the kidney healthy and prevents kidney stones.
44. Water is not only good for hydration but also for losing weight. It makes you feel full and hence, you will have lesser cravings for food.
45. When you are dehydrated, you lose potassium. Eating bananas can help to bring back what you have lost.

46. Drink water in frequent intervals rather than drinking a large one at one instance. Do not wait to feel thirsty before drinking up.
47. If you are dehydrated, the brain shrinks and it does not function effectively. Make it a habit to drink water to be always mentally alert.

48. If you are feeling thirsty, avoid caffeine and alcohol. Just drink plain water to keep yourself hydrated.

49. Feeling drowsy? It maybe because of dehydration. Drink water or eat celery, spinach, and cucumber, which are all rich with water content.

50. Chronic dehydration can be treated by drinking 1 cup of buttermilk with 1/2 teaspoon of dry ginger at least four trice daily.