Juicing To Reduce Stress…Sounds Oxymoronic, Right?

Almost every adult and child alike has experienced bouts of stress at various points in their daily life. For most, this is taken in stride until it is no longer possible to do so, and when this happens it almost always affects the health conditions. It is important to reduce stress, as a state of stress produces high levels of cortisol – which can be responsible for a variety of health conditions. It is responsible for inhibiting insulin production and can increase the risk for type 2 diabetes. When the health begins to falter, many have turned to juicing to reduce stress as a solution. However, just the simple act of juicing as an activity can cause stress. The cleaning, the preparing, the juicing and then the cleaning again!

So How Can Juicing Reduce Stress?

Apple, cherry and blueberry ingredients have been known to be good health boosting elements where the flavonoid can facilitate better lung functions and with this optimum breathing position the ideal amounts of oxygen is then able to be circulated well with the body system thus relieving any internal pressures felt when stress levels are high and this eventually helps to lower the stress levels.

Fruits like berries, apples and cherries contain antioxidants and can contribute to relaxing the arteries. Leafy greens contain calcium and magnesium which are both really great for proper functioning of the nerves and muscles. Citrus juices can help boost immunity and keep the body’s natural resistance fortified when bacterial and viral infections are present in the environment. When adrenaline levels increase, the body requires more vitamin C and since the body cannot produce vitamin c on its own, juicing can provide an abundant source of this vitamin.

But What About The Stress Of Making The Juice?

The process of washing, cutting and juicing fruits and vegetables can actually help reduce stress. For some, the act of cutting, peeling, and preparing can shift the mind away from life’s mundane activity to a state of mindfulness. It is well known that mindfulness plays a part in stress reduction.

Also, involving the family reduces the probability of rejection. Kids aren’t that easy to convince, but if they are involved in the process, it can be a heap of fun and a great learning experience.

Take the stress out of juicing and do these simple things to help make juicing enjoyable…every time.

1. Prepare in advance. It helps to prep your fruits and vegetables before you juice them because it will save time. Take the time to wash, peel and/or cut most of what you need for juicing and store in the refrigerator in a clean container that will protect fragile leafy greens.

2. Gather your juicing tools the night before. If you choose to juice in the mornings, gathering the necessary tools and cleaning and organizing them will be useful. It will make the process of juicing a welcome meditation. When things are clean and organized around you, it will feel less stressful.Juicing To Reduce Stress…Sounds Oxymoronic, Right2

3. Clean your tools immediately after juicing. Many people don’t like this part. It’s the messy part, but if you make a habit of cleaning your tools immediately after using them, it will reduce the “clean up” anxiety many people feel.

4. Store your juice in containers that reduce exposure to air and light. It is very stressful to spend the money on produce, and the time to clean and make the juice only to have it lose it’s nutritional value because it wasn’t stored properly, or it wasn’t stored at all. Don’t leave juice out on the counter for too long, it will oxidize and minimize the nutritional value of the juice. Keeping juice in air tight, glass containers has worked well for many and is a great way to reuse containers – which takes some stress off the planet.

What If I Get Sick Anyway?

When the body is stressed, the immune system actually becomes depressed. Including ingredients that contain immune boosting properties can be beneficial during stressful times. Consider increasing the consumption of foods and herbal teas that contain nutrients like zinc, vitamin c, calcium and magnesium to support the body’s immunity.

Of course most people try to avoid stressful situations, but sometimes stress is just inevitable. Managing stress with various foods and juices can be very effective and can be a great way to maintain good health.