How to Eat Healthy

Learning to eat healthy isn’t that difficult to do. One big issue that people have is in knowing what foods to eat. It is far easier to grab fast food or a pre-packaged dinner than making something from scratch. In this article we will give you some great ideas for what to cook.

When shopping at the grocery store, the healthiest food is usually placed around the edges of the store. When you enter the store you are normally faced with the fruit and veggie department. Then around the sides will be the dairy section, deli, and the meat department. So focus on these areas first.

If you are stuck for time one great idea is to pick up a roast chicken. These are ready to eat and are often found near the deli section. Now the store may offer a package deal with French fries and potato salads, these are a no, no! They are full of calories and added fat.

So just select the chicken and then pick up fresh ingredients to make your own salad. Serving the roast chicken on a nice bread roll is another great idea, just add some mustard to the bun.

If you are on a budget, and who isn’t, then look for specials in the meat department. This works really well if you shop after work. You will find that the store puts lots of meat on a reduced price – so they can sell them before the expiry date. If you go this way, then use up the meat right away or put it in the freezer.

Another way to eat healthy during the week is to cook larger meals on the weekend. This way you can have leftovers for a couple of meals for the week. What we like to do is cook a big Sunday dinner, then Monday we cook something else. Tuesday would be the leftovers from Sunday and Wednesday leftovers from Monday. When you look at it this way you only have to worry about Thursday’s dinner. Friday’s are usually a more relaxed evening and this could be the day where you have a not so healthy meal. Instead of ordering a pizza why not make a homemade one.

For desserts and even a quick breakfast select fruit, yogurt or make smoothies. Don’t forget about that leftover pizza or consider making banana bread and serving for breakfast. Just replace the oil in your banana bread recipe with equal amounts of unsweetened applesauce.

There you have a number of ideas for getting your family to eat healthier foods. You don’t have to spend a fortune, if you look for specials on meats and buy produce that is in season you won’t overspend.

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