Healthy Snack Ideas For Those Who Want To Lose Weight

When you’re exercising to lose weight, it’s important to remember that you need to fuel your body with energy. Although you could stick to your old diet, it’s far better to re-think what goes into your body. Here are some healthy snack ideas that won’t get in the way of your weight loss goals.

Fruits and Vegetables

Everyone knows that vegetables are healthy, and we should almost all be eating more of them. But they don’t exactly have a reputation for tasting great to snack on! But remember, there are various ways in which you can snack on vegetables. For example, carrots and celeries make great veggie sticks. You can also snack on cherry tomatoes, cucumbers and sliced bell peppers. To makes your veggie snacks taste better, you can use some low fat cheese as dip.

Fruits make great tasting snacks as well. You can just eat them as they are or mix them in a salad with some vegetables. Some tasty snack ideas include eating your fruits with some peanut butter or cutting them up into cubes and freezing them.


Nuts not only taste good but are also rich in protein, fiber, and antioxidants. There is a big variety of nuts that you can choose from. As with fruits and vegetables, you can crush and mix the nuts with anything else you like as they taste great when mixed in a fruit salad too. However, try not to eat too much of them because nuts tend to be high in calories.


Low fat yoghurt can make an excellent snack as it tastes great and has a lower amount of calories than standard yoghurt. If you’re searching for an alternative to ice cream, then yoghurt is the best choice. Plain yoghurt is the best as it does not have artificial coloring and flavoring. However, if you prefer more flavor, you can get the flavored ones or add in some fruits into the yoghurt such as berries, apples, or even crushed nuts. Another good idea is to add some low fat yoghurt to your fruit salad.

These are just some ideas that you can try. There are of course many more tasty and healthy snacks that can help you lose weight, so experiment and find out which healthy snacks you like most. Good luck!