Exercise Bikes Versus Tabata Workouts

You’re trying to map out your exercise life, and you’re wondering, which is better? Shall I go Tabata, and do those popular 4 minute workout routines that everyone is talking about?

Or shall I get an exercise bike and do a little biking every day; while watching TV, perhaps; and get my muscles worked out that way?

The exercise bike will certainly be the easiest alternative, and it’ll give you plenty of quiet, peaceful exercise sessions languid, almost. You can bike when you’re watching TV, when you’re reading a book, and while you’re thinking.

While you’re sitting there you’ll be able to pat yourself on the back, knowing that you’ve changed your sedentary lifestyle for an active one. Exercise bikes are some of the most convenient ways to put activity into our daily housebound routine.

What about Tabata?

Well, Tabata is many things, but, it is certainly not easy, quiet, and peaceful. It is certainly not pain free.

It’s a Japanese form of torture, and eastern people are expert at those things.

At the same time, a real Tabata workout will give results, lots of results. Far more results than you’ll get from sitting on the exercise bike while watching TV.

Another pro: a Tabata workout really takes very, very little time.

So, which should you choose?

It depends on your commitment level. If you care enough about fitness that you can beat yourself into doing a daily Tabata, by all means go with the Japanese torture session.

Tabata Workouts

Tabata training is one of the most demanding exercise programs in existence, and while experts do not recommend it for beginners or those who are out of shape, it is definitely something to work towards.

It’s only four minutes, and you can handle four minutes of anything, right? Yes, you can.

That’s why it’s time limited in this way—because, even if you couldn’t go through Dante’s worlds of torture in Paradise Lost, everyone can handle four minutes.

If exercising comes hard to you, though, and you hated PE in high school because of that coach standing there shouting at everyone to keep running—Keep running, everyone, keep it up!
Faster Jim!
Have you got legs, or are they stumps!

Run faster! Jim, no walking!

Tabata may not be for you.

If a bit of quiet pedaling is what fits your lifestyle, by all means buy the exercise bike. It’ll help remind your muscles not to dystrophy completely, as they were in danger of doing with your formerly sedentary lifestyle.

If you really want stamina, strong muscles, new physical capabilities and to torch body fat quickly and efficiently, then Tabata is a far better choice. Especially if you can push yourself into doing what hurts when you know it’s good for you. It’s nothing unmanageable.

Under the Tabata protocol you’ll push yourself so hard it hurts for no more than twenty seconds at a time; and the workout, as we mentioned before, is for no longer than five minutes. It’s something that is doable for almost everyone, and the major required ingredients are guts and determination.

So that’s the final analysis. For a bit of gentle exercise, go with the bike. For a radical, pain-filled, body-transforming workout, try Tabata.

One More Thing

Did you know the original Tabata protocol experiment was done on exercise bikes?

Yes it was, so you can use the same bike you pedal in front of the television, but, turn up the intensity 200% and pedal away at super max speed, 20 seconds on, 10 seconds of rest, repeat 8 times.

Expect to sweat, gasp for air and want to die, that is how hard you need to pedal and push.

BAM, you just did Tabata, now do it 3 times a week, and the other 3 you can do the quite cardio, Sunday you get the day off!