Can You Really Work From a Treadmill Desk?

Have you heard about treadmill desks? They are desks which are elevated in height, allowing you to walk on your treadmill while you are working at your desk. If it sounds like this would be difficult, there is a small learning curve involved. But surprisingly, after you get the hang of the process you can find yourself rather productive.

So, can you really work from a treadmill desk? The short answer is yes. But your success depends on several factors, the first and foremost being establishing the perfect pace.

You might run on your treadmill when you are exercising or working out. That is not the smartest idea while you are working though. You want to establish a leisurely pace which allows you to safely focus on your workday activities, while also burning some calories by walking.

If you set your treadmill to a 1 or 1.5 mile an hour pace, you will probably find yourself able to handle most of your daily work duties successfully.

Just remember, different jobs require different physical activities and levels of concentration. Handling your e-mail, listening to a conference call or sorting through your daily to do list can all be performed without error at a treadmill desk.

Work From a Treadmill Desk

10 Risks of Sitting Down Too Much

However, some workers that have dried treadmill desks found that there were times they needed to sit so they could totally concentrate on a particular work activity or assignment. This effect includes creative processes like writing, graphic design, editing and other similar activities.

Still, cutting back on the time you spend sitting can literally add years to your life. In one particular study, women between the ages of 50 and 74 that sat for 6+ hours were 34% more likely to die from any cause than the same aged women who sat for 3 hours or less.

Treadmill desks are just one way to limit the time that you sent each day. And when you don’t feel like walking, you can simply stand on your treadmill instead of suffering the negative health effects of sitting.

Treadmill desks first became commonly commercialized in 2007. And at that time, there were few inexpensive models. But with their popularity rising the last few years, competition has made them affordable for just about every budget. The same can be said for treadmills as well.

Working at a treadmill desk can help you live longer and healthier. And if you find your work suffers, you can always use your treadmill in the traditional manner, as a piece physical set is the. Just cut back on the amount of time you sit whenever possible, especially if you sit for more than 3 hours every day.