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One Stop FitnessFitness can mean different things to different people. For some it means getting into shape with exercising and eating right. For others it means bringing their exercises to a whole new level.

No matter what your level of fitness, at Denver Colorado Fitness you will find the information you need in one site to help you reach your goals. We offers a wide variety of health and wellness tips, local fitness center recommendations, and nutritional information that will help you live a happier, heathier life.

Weight Loss

If weight loss is your goal, we can help you with methods, workouts, and dietary benefits that can structure your routines to maximize progress. Don’t just jump into an exercise routine and risk getting injured. Or work on your routine only to get frustrated because of a lack of progress. We can show you what exercises will benefit you the most. We can show you the correct form and techniques for doing those exercises.

When you go to the gym or even if you workout at home, we can show you the best equipment for losing weight. Finally, we have expert nutritional information so you can reap rewards of a proper diet and hydration regimen.


If you are already doing fitness training but just want to tone up, we have the exercises and workouts for you. We can focus a bit more on the strength training aspects using not only the standard weight lifting equipment, but alternatives like the kettlebell workout or using natural body resistance. And, perhaps best of all, a combination of all three. Adding protein to your diet is another topic we can assist you with to make sure your muscles get replenished to maintain the progress you made.

And again, we offer professional workout tips on how to use the equipment correctly with proper form so you minimize risk of injury and maximize your strength. Imagine coming home from a full day of work full of energy and getting a good night of sleep every night. With a good, healthy workout routine, you will feel healthy and energized naturally.


Exercise is only half the equation of working out. It does no good to go to the gym if you eat a dozen Twinkies when you get home. We have special dietary recipes that will help you maintain your fitness level without sacrificing taste. Eating healthy and fresh foods will keep fat off and allow your body to absorb and burn the natural ingredients it craves. Eating One Stop Fitness at Denver Colorado Fitnesshabits can also be modified.

Perhaps it’s time to go to 6 small meals a day to keep your metabolism smoking so you can keep burning fat and calories throughout the day. Power foods such as protein to keep muscle mass after a workout are an important part of working out with weights. You can find all of this information at!


Finally let’s talk about gyms. We have mentioned going to the gym several times already. Whether it’s time to lose a few pounds around the middle or pack on a few pounds everywhere else, finding the right gym is critical to your success. But we might want to consider a few things before we sign on the dotted line. So let’s go through some tips on finding the right gym for you.

  • Distance – How far is the gym from your home? If you have to drive too far from home, then you are just adding that much more time to your workout. Eventually, it will catch up to you. The time cost will become too much and you will have to choose either family time or workout time. And I know which will win. So make sure you can find a gym close to your home.
  • What time are they open? More and more gyms are staying open 24 hours now to accommodate people’s schedules. More people like going late at night because it isn’t so crowded. Some people like to go before work. So make sure their time fits your time.
  • Facilities – Do they have the equipment you are looking for? What are the goals you want to achieve and will they help you meet them? Do they have enough equipment to meet a high demand? If it is crowded, will you be standing in line to wait for a machine? Is their equipment outdated?
  • Classes – Some people like to join classes and workout in groups. Do they offer those options at your gym? What about trainers? Do they have anyone who can offer a kindly tip while working out?
  • Personality – How did the gym feel? Did it have the right clientele that you would feel comfortable getting sweaty with for an hour or so a few times a week? Was the crowd too old? Too young?
  • Cost – Ah, the ultimate test for a gym. How much is it going to cost you to bust your tail there? Is it worth it? When they tell you the price, go with your instinct. If it hits you as being too high, then it probably is. And remember, when you sign that contract, they don’t care if you stop going or not, they will want your money.

Get up earlier, and start the day off with some light exercise, like walking. Start off by waking up 10 minutes early, then see if you can cut back more the next day until you have a reasonable schedule.

So how will you know the answers? Most gyms, well the most reputable gyms (I think they like the term “fitness center” nowadays) will give you a pass for a week. Take advantage of it and really try it out. Keep these points in mind when you visit. And ask questions to other people there.

Look at reviews online. Social media can play a role in your decision and you can probably find some good alternatives.

At Denver Colorado Fitness, we are dedicated to being THE fitness resource for the Denver area. We will be working closely with several fitness centers and health experts in the area to provide you with ongoing and up-to-date news and events.

We know how hard it is to stay motivated. And we congratulate you for visiting our site and making that decision to get going, change your life, and live happy and healthy.