Amazing Paleo Apple Crisp Recipe (gluten-free, grain-free, no refined sugar, reduced-carb)

by Mike Geary, aka – The Nutrition Watchdog
Certified Nutrition Specialist, Best-Selling Author

How would you like to enjoy delicious “sinful” Apple Crisp again, but not feel guilty about it?  Well, now you can!

My wife and I absolutely LOVE this recipe, and we usually make it at least once or twice a month!

This healthier Paleo Apple Crisp recipe removes all the worst ingredients (the wheat flour and the sugar), and uses healthier versions of all ingredients, including a mix of almond & coconut flour, which is much more nutritious and lower-carb than wheat flour and without any gut-harming gluten.

In addition, we use a smaller amount of sugar  than is in most recipes, and we substitute coconut sugar instead of normal refined sugar, since coconut sugar at least has some beneficial minerals and other nutrients.  With the wheat flour removed and the sugar lessened on this recipe, this apple crisp won’t give you the normal blood sugar bomb that most apple crisp recipes would.

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