5 Ways In Which Exercise Boosts Your Relationships

Whether married or single, you can benefit from the boost that exercise gives each and every relationship in your life. Obviously, exercise is a great way to get in shape. And most doctors and health experts recommend at least 2 to 3 hours of moderate to intense physical activity every week. But exercising, working out, biking, jogging and hiking can actually improve your relationships. Let’s take a look at exactly how physical exertion improves your quality of life and your interactions with others.

When you feel better about yourself, people feel better about you

Even moderate exercise gets blood flowing to your brain. This enriches your brain with oxygen. The endorphins which are released have been shown to increase your mood, as well as improve your outlook on yourself and your current situation. The result is, you smile more and act more positively. People like being around others who are giving off a “positive vibe”, so your relationships automatically benefit.

Any relationship worth having requires work, and exercise teaches you to work towards a desired goal

When you learn to exercise, you learn to set goals and work hard to achieve them. All relationships require work. When you apply your goal-setting attitude to your personal relationships, you look forward to working on improving your personal interactions on a daily basis.

Communication is the key to great relationships, and exercise helps you communicate better

Exercise is such a mental booster that it actually helps you communicate more effectively. Studies have shown that immediately following moderate to intense physical activity, test subjects communicated with much more clarity than those that did not work out or exercise. A lifetime of exercise delivers that mental clarity and ability to communicate effectively over the long-term.5 Ways In Which Exercise Boosts Your Relationships

Exercising introduces you to a group of like-minded people

Sometimes exercise improves your relationships by creating new ones. The gym, Pilates class or the public running path are all great places to meet people that want to benefit from healthy exercise, just like you. You may just meet your next BFF or lifelong partner the next time you exercise.

You become a positive role model

As you exercise, several areas of your life begin to improve. You communicate more effectively and feel better about yourself, you become more physically fit and healthy, more attractive and well-rounded. All of these qualities attract people that look up to you as a positive role model. This can improve your relationships with loved ones, friends and coworkers, and can even spark some great new relationships where you act as a positive influence in someone else’s life.