4 Simple Things You Can Do Today To Get More Fit

Getting fit and healthy does not have to be complicated. Really, it’s true.

The human body, after all, is designed to move, sweat and expel the excesses of our human existence. Movement is the goal facilitated by our joints and muscles, it is what defines the architecture of our body.

Doing things that disallows our faculty of movement—sitting for long hours of time, embodying the almost catatonic couch potato state, practically doing nothing—takes a toll on us. And if we just listen closely enough to what our body tells us, we’ll know when we need to stretch out and move.

So, if getting fit is really that logical, why does it seem like a drudgery to most of us? The answer lies in the way we actualize a seemingly simple thing.

Reframing our lifestyle to be a gym rat, a workout monster or a crossfitter may not do the trick because it seems like an awful lot of effort. The key is to integrate simple exercise habits into your existing lifestyle so you up your chances of sticking to your goal of getting more fit.

Getting fit doesn’t have to be a drag, and if you follow these simple practices, chances are you will be doing your health more good in leaps and bounds:

Be Inconvenienced By The Things You Do Every Day

An excess of our current lifestyle is our profuse use of daily conveniences which have made us evolve into sedentary and inert beings.

We use elevators, escalators and walkalators when doing our daily commute, in our workplaces, when doing chores and at schools.

Get More Fit

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There are valet parking services and there are drive-through fast food joints that make our lives a lot easier—and conveniently sedentary.

So the next time you pay a rare visit to your colleagues a floor or two above you, think again before falling in line to take the elevator.

Taking the stairs will save you time and patience that you otherwise spend waiting to get to the elevator; it also gets you on your feet and doing a nifty cardio huffing up and down the stairs.

How about parking at the far end of the lot when going shopping? You can sprint to the door to make it even more effective.

Do Desk Exercises

Working does not have to mean sitting hunched on your desk until your next work break. Fight off the physical and mental numbness of sitting behind your desk for hours by doing regular desk exercises or even standing up every once in a while when taking a call. Go ahead, walk around the office a few times, no one will blame you.

Download an app that pops a reminder on your computer or mobile phone monitor to do a three-minute simple exercise routine every 30 minutes—even standing up and shaking your arms and legs already counts!

There are even these very cool products called fitness desks that fit over exercise bikes or treadmills and allow one to work while working out, what a great concept!

Incorporating desk exercises in your daily work routine will provide you a host of health and fitness benefits that you simply won’t find any easier to keep compared to when you try to come into in a life-changing after-work fitness routine.

Doing desk exercises offers a lot of benefits, such as, improving blood circulation, burning more calories throughout the day, keeping your mind alert and reducing the risks of chronic illnesses related to keeping a sedentary lifestyle.

Love The Outdoors

You don’t need to be a serious triathlete or a mountaineer to be able to reap the benefits of turning to the outdoors to help you get more fit and healthy.

Start with simple things like going out of the house to fetch the paper at the porch every morning, walking your dog for a few minutes, walking around your neighborhood every other day as you wind down after work or brave either the sun or cold to do the upkeep of your lawn.

You can do small outings, or really choose to allot a lot time to do outdoor activities with your family.

The point is to do as many things outside as possible to be active while you also breathe fresh air and soak in the sun.

Be Mindful Of What You Put In Your Mouth

Ditch the soft drinks and processed food as much as you can, and as soon as you can.

You already know very well that mindless eating and stuffing yourself with junk food will not help your body achieve its optimum healthy state.

Subscribing to some fancy or trendy diet until your interest (and patience) wanes will not work simply because it just makes you lose sight of the fact that the best road to achieving a more fit and healthy body necessitates a reframing of the things you are used to, a gradual, but, long-term process of embracing a lifestyle that puts a premium on your health.

Final Thoughts

Being more fit and healthy can be as simple as doing small changes in your lifestyle, but, as with all things we hope to happen, you can only progress in your fitness goals if you start acting on them.

So, start to implement simple changes today and embrace a more fit and healthy you!