10 Year-End Tips for Eating Healthier


It’s been a great year, and we want to celebrate by sharing 10 year-end tips for eating healthier with you to ring in what promises to be an awesome 2016. I’ve begun training for a marathon on the 1st of May earlier this week, and my goal is to get there totally prepared without injury, and to do something about revealing my ab muscles this year. Do you have any resolutions? If you do scroll down to the bottom of this page and leave a comment.

1) Drink water

This is simple, effective, and more necessary for your body’s best functions than most people want to believe. If you drink at least two glasses of water before breakfast, one glass before every meal, and a total of eight a day you’ll not only be hydrating yourself properly, but the water you take in before food prepares your digestive tissues as well as helping you to feel full by eating less.

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