10 Risks of Sitting Down Too Much


Have a seat. Pull up a chair. Rest your feet. No doubt someone has greeted you in this manner before. And their intention was only to make you comfortable, not to endanger your health. But if you stay in a sitting position for too long, you can actually increase your risk of an early death. You also decrease your level of health, severely diminish your productivity and mental awareness, and promote heart and respiratory inefficiency. And you can shave years off of your life.

Recent studies conducted all around the world show that the pressure placed on the back of your thighs after sitting for extended periods of time inhibits healthy blood flow and circulation throughout your body.

Your lack of movement also means your heart beats slower. This contributes to diminished levels of oxygen and a weaker blood flow. It is this lack of activity working with a lower than normal blood circulation which creates a deadly combo that can lead to a scary list of physical problems.

Prolonged periods of sitting should be broken up by standing, moving, or even getting some exercise. This doesn’t have to mean running a marathon or intense weight lifting either. Anything you can do to get your heart pumping and your body moving will work just fine. That will help you avoid the following top 10 risks of sitting down too often, and for too long.

Sitting for long periods of time can cause…

Premature death and a shortened lifespan

The World Health Organization (WHO) has some good and bad news for you. They recently reported that being physically inactive ranks as the 4th leading risk factor for death. That at first sounds like bad news for those of us who have sedentary jobs or lifestyles. But armed with that knowledge means that we can counteract this deadly byproduct of extended sitting.  It means you just have to get on your feet and become active.

And that respected health and wellness institution is not alone in its belief of the dangers of inactivity. A study published in the Archives of Internal Medicine in 2014 involved 200,000 volunteers. The findings? If you sit for a combined 11 or more hours a day, you increase your risk of dying from any cause at all by an incredible 40%. That information alone should be enough motivation to keep you moving throughout your day instead of sitting your way to an early grave.

Diminished mental capacity and functioning

Yes, sitting can even make you dumb. The number one culprit of most dangerous sitting symptoms is lack of circulation. When fresh blood and oxygen are not pumped to your brain at a healthy rate, your mind begins to drift. You are not nearly as sharp as when you are active.

Also, chronic sitting can even keep mood-enhancing and brain-healthy chemicals from being produced. This can make you grumpy and moody, forgetful and mentally slow….

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